Benmara Project

“The Benmara Project is complementary to our nearby Wollogorang Project, which is highly prospective for sedimentary hosted battery metals Copper and Cobalt. The geographic location will allow RML to focus our Australian exploration efforts on battery metals in the Northern Territory in 2021.

This fits with our Company mantra of “hunting for giants - in big country” with gold in Alaska at our flagship 64North Project and copper in the Northern Territory at the Wollogorang and Benmara Projects.”

- Managing Director Duncan Chessell



Resolution Minerals holds a commanding ground position of 2,230km2 of the key prospective areas along-strike from the Walford Creek Cu-Ag-Pb-Zn-Co and Westmoreland U Deposits on the Fish River Fault in the Northern Territory. 


Benmara Prospectivity and Exploration Targeting

Resolution has assessed the Benmara Project for sediment hosted stratiform base metal mineralisation, using the Walford Creek Deposit as an analogy. The Company reviewed historic company data, considered new Geoscience Australia interpretation of the geology and the updated SEEBASETM depth- to-basement Model of the surrounding basin architecture.

Recently, the prospectivity was greatly enhanced by work undertaken by the “Exploring for the Future” initiative, which included contributions from Geoscience Australia (GA), University of Adelaide, NTGS and University of Melbourne (Carson, et al., 2020).

Geochronology published by Geoscience Australia in 2020, demonstrates the Benmara Group is older than previously thought. Importantly GA determined that the Benmara Group is Paleoproterozoic instead of Mesoproterozoic, and stratigraphically and temporally equivalent to the prospective Fickling Group (Walford Creek Deposit Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Co) and the McNamara Group (Century Mine Pb-Zn-Ag). i.e. the right age and type of rocks are present.


Longitude 136.49
Latitude -17.57
Project Name Benmara
Key Commodity Copper, Uranium

During 2021 Resolution completed a VTEM MaxTM geophysical survey over the central zone of the tenement, targeting the basin margin where prospective onlapping sediments from the South Nicholson abutted the Murphy Inlier. The proposed model is the Murphy Inlier and acts as a wall directing upwelling fluid flow carrying metalliferous fluids to flow up the Fish River Fault. These fluids then flow up and through the potentially reductive sediments close to surface. The shaley-reductive units can act as traps sites for base metals to precipitate, potentially forming deposits. Due to the often-pyritic nature of these reductive units, they are detectable by VTEM surveys as conductive rocks or massive sulfides. Benmara is prospective for this mineralisation model.

Resolution completed a 2,800m RC drilling program in late 2021 testing the drill targets identified by the VTEM survey.