Benmara Project



Resolution Minerals holds a commanding ground position of over 3,000km2 on the northern edge of the South Nicholson Basin, which is one of the most under-explored sedimentary basins in Australia. The Benmara project is bisected by several fault systems that are analogous to the rocks that host the world-class McArthur River Mine, Walford Creek deposit, and several other significant deposits in the region. The Project is available for purchase. 




The Benmara Project is in many respects, a new geological frontier. Until recently, the Benmara Group was considered to be geologically younger. However in 2020, geochronology published by Geoscience Australia demonstrated that this belief was incorrect and, more importantly, that the Benmara Group is Paleoproterozoic rather than Mesoproterozoic. This means the rocks are stratigraphically and temporally equivalent to the prospective Fickling Group (Walford Creek Deposit) and the McNamara Group (Century Mine). The Exploring for the Future initiative found evidence of a regional shallow-marine hydrothermal circulatory system. This system shares its age with the base metal mineralisation in the resource-rich Mount Isa Province and further supports the prospectivity of the Benmara Project.

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Longitude 136.49
Latitude -17.57
Project Name Benmara
Key Commodity Copper, Uranium