WATCH: RML's Exploration Manager Christine Lawley discusses the significance of the results
from the recent stratigraphic drilling program at the Benmara Copper Project.



• Recently completed stratigraphic drilling has validated the prospectivity along the Fish River and Bauhinia Fault zones and has informed a revised seismic interpretation, highlighting the prospectivity of the Benmara Fault Zone, expanding the copper exploration search space 

• Drilling intersected prospective host rocks comprising Mt Les Siltstone (Fickling Group – host to Walford Creek Deposit) and Lawn Hill Formation (McNamara Group – host to Century Mine) equivalents, overlying likely copper source rocks of the Benmara Group (Buddycurrawa Volcanics) 

• Geochronology will be completed to confirm the ages of host rocks 

• Significantly, chalcopyrite found within the host rocks supports the potential for a sediment-hosted copper system in the South Nicholson Basin 

• The drilling was part of an exploration program designed, in partnership and funded by the BHP Group, to discover a tier-1 copper deposit in the under-explored South Nicholson Basin 

• Resolution is appreciative of the $150,000 funding grant from the Northern Territory Government through the Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations (GDC) program 


Figure 1. Quartz-siderite-pyrite-chalcopyrite breccia hosted vein from diamond drill core
at the Benmara Copper Project (23BNM003: 174.8m, <0.1% Cu) 


"We are incredibly pleased to have encountered visible copper sulphides within prospective stratigraphy in this program. The results demonstrate the proof of process for sediment-hosted copper in this untested region and tick the first box in the exploration program we have developed in collaboration with the BHP exploration team. 

Drilling has also given us focus for follow-up regional work and drilling, where we will continue targeting prospective host rocks along the Fish River and Bauhinia Fault zones, as well as the nearby Benmara Fault zone."

- Christine Lawley, Exploration Manager, Resolution Minerals