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RML team getting core samples ready for transport for logging and sample preparation.

  • Detailed logging and sample preparation complete for five (5) diamond drill holes for 2,324m completed at Tourmaline Ridge Prospect.
  • Tourmaline Ridge Prospect lies ~5km along strike from the 12m oz Pogo Gold Mine, with the drill holes targeting a Pogo-like system based on reinterpretation of geology and structure.

  • Select assay results from the first two (2) sample dispatches of seven (7) have been received.

  • The selective samples come from two (2) holes of the five-hole program and account for 16% of the sample results (114 of 700).

  • Although no significant gold results (>0.5g/t) have been returned to date, low-level elevated gold (0.04 0.2g/t) is common and shows distinctive trends in both holes associated with Pogo Style quartz veins.

  • The presence of detectable gold throughout many of the samples in 22TR001 and 22TR003 indicates that a gold-bearing hydrothermal event has occurred across a wide area at Tourmaline Ridge.

  • The initial assay results are primarily from 22TR001 and are not considered wholly representative of the gold mineralisation potential in the 586 (84%) pending samples.

  • All results from the remaining five (5) sample batches (84%) are expected in late November based on current lab turn-around times.

"We are pleased to see a timely turnaround from the lab on this sample batch which allows us to start to build our understanding of the gold mineralisation potential at Tourmaline Ridge in light of the new geological interpretation.

Although, at first glance, the mineralisation appears to be insignificant, there is elevated gold throughout and important understanding is gained upon detailed examination of the results. The samples selected were mostly from 22TR001, which was approximately 850m away from the closest hole (22TR005) and over 1.2km away from 22TR003 & 22TR004. 22TR001 was particularly strongly altered with evidence of multiple hydrothermal fluid events and a higher degree of structural complexity compared to the other holes. Elevated gold results from this batch were associated with narrow Pogo-style quartz veins with sulphide minerals and, if thicker occurrences of this type of material occur at Tourmaline Ridge, then there is good potential for economic accumulations of gold at the prospect.

This sample batch represents only about 16% of the material sampled and given the distance from other holes and the complexities of 22TR001, are not considered by the RML team as representative of the gold potential from the remaining 84% of submitted sample material."

- Managing Director Steve Groves



Resolution Minerals Ltd (RML or Company) (ASX:RML) has received the first two batches of gold assay results from the recently completed diamond drilling program at Tourmaline Ridge at the 64North Project in Alaska (ASX:RML Announcement 11/8/2022). The RML exploration team identified Tourmaline Ridge as prospective for hosting high-grade gold mineralisation and lies approximately 5km along the trend from Northern Star’s (ASX:NST) Pogo Gold Mine and recently discovered Goodpaster Deposit.

Tourmaline Ridge was identified as a priority drill target after a thorough re-interpretation of the geological and structural model in the area, which showed surface gold mineralisation to represent narrow, antithetic hanging wall veins that are interpreted to sit directly above a dilational, northwest-dipping Pogo-style shear (ASX:RML Announcement 8/6/2022). The five (5) completed drill holes are the first holes oriented to intersect the northwest-dipping shear at Tourmaline Ridge and ranged in depth from approximately 270m to 650m for a total of 2,324m. The holes span a strike length of over 1.2km of the Tourmaline Ridge geochemical trend and are considered a preliminary test of the geological and structural model and gold mineralisation potential of the prospect.