N27 IC ASX TWP MagneticSurvey


Executive Summary:

  • High resolution helicopter aeromagnetic and radiometric survey of 1,720km2 was completed over prospective terrain surrounding the Stanton Cobalt Deposit in late July 2018

  • Analysis of the survey data has identified multiple prospective Stanton look-a-like drill targets

  • A co-funding geophysics grant of $100,000 was awarded by the NT government for this program

  • Drill testing of these targets to be undertaken alongside existing targets until the end of the year


“The geophysics program has been very successful in identifying multiple new targets similar or larger in scale to Northern Cobalt’s existing Stanton Cobalt Deposit highlighting the prospectivity of large parts of the project area and the potential of this underexplored region”

-Michael Schwarz (MD)


Northern Cobalt is pleased to announce that the new high resolution aeromagnetic and radiometric survey over the Wollogorang Cobalt Project has been completed at a flight line spacing of 75m. The new 2018 survey (Area 2), covers approximately of 1720 km2 and expands the 2017 survey by almost twenty fold. The survey has significantly expanded the high resolution coverage of prospective geology, which is required to identify magnetic features similar to the Stanton Cobalt Deposit, thus producing multiple Stanton look-a-like drill targets.

Drilling will continue until the end of the year testing these new targets alongside the existing program. Historic survey data was of too low a resolution to allow drill targeting.




Want to know more about Aeromagnetic Surveys?

In this video, Northern Cobalt's M.D. Mike Schwarz discusses results of the 2017 Aeromagnetic survey of the Stanton Cobalt Deposit and the surrounding area.