June 10, 2020 - Hole 20AU003 in action.


 Executive Summary:

  • Hole 20AU003 has been completed on target A6 to a total depth of 615m at the Aurora Prospect

  • The hole was extended beyond the planned depth as favourable geology was intersected

  • The HQ core is currently being logged in Fairbanks and prepared for assay

  • The rig has moved to Target A13NE, adjacent to “Half Ounce Gulch” and commenced drilling

  • Drilling to continue through June and July – with 4 to 6 holes planned (2200m minimum)

  • Geophysical surveys (ZTEM & Magnetics) to commence next week

  • Assay results planned to be released upon program completion


Resolution Minerals is pleased to provide an update on the second phase of drilling for 2020 is well underway at the compelling Aurora Prospect, West Pogo Block adjacent to Northern Star’s Pogo Gold Mine, Alaska. The first hole was completed on 23 June 2020 to a depth of 615m on Target A6 (Hole ID: 20AU003). The hole intersected the targeted rock type, a paragneiss, which is the same host rock as the Pogo Gold Mine and validated the CSAMT survey data used in targeting the remainder of the holes in this drilling campaign. The drilling was extended beyond the planned depth to adequately test a shear zone intersected at 585m depth.


The drill rig has now moved to Target A13NE. A decision to complete hole 20AU002 (partially completed in March 2020 before travel restrictions) will be made subject to results from the just completed hole, 20AU003. The geology team is continuing to assess all new results to optimise drill hole locations and maximise use of funds.

Further planned holes A14, A7SSW, A10 A8 on the Aurora Prospect will be tested in order of priority and re-ranking, as results come to hand from ongoing drilling operations. Drill targeting is undertaken by the 64North Project technical team, comprising of Resolution Minerals and project partner Millrock Resources geoscientists and consultants.


Next Drill Hole A13NE

The next drill target, A13NE will test a deeper conductor at 400m-800m depth, which is alongside an interpreted vertical feeder vein. This vertical feeder is likely to be the conduit of mineralised fluids from depth and the source of the high grade rock chips up to 13.85 g/t Au at surface at the “Half Ounce Gulch” gold occurrence. Our exploration targeting model is illustrated on the Pogo Style Mineralisation Model. Historic drill holes MR12-01 azimuth 153o and MR12-02 azimuth 94o drilled at a 45o dip and intersected narrow gold veins up to 1.71g/t Au but did not test the deeper flat lying conductive horizon. RML interprets this conductor to be the same host rock as Pogo (paragneiss) and is highly prospective for Pogo-style gold mineralisation. Interestingly the early exploration holes at the now Pogo Gold Deposit and Mine chased narrow near surface vertical veins, drilling inclined holes missing the flat lying thick and high grade gold deposit at depth. It was only later when explorers returned and pointed the rig near vertical, that the Pogo Gold Deposit was discovered. RML will drill a near vertical hole (A13NE) at an ~80o dip.

Aurora Prospect

The Aurora Prospect is a large-scale, high priority target zone (2km x 5km), with host rocks, surface geochemistry, structures and geophysical signature that make it a look-alike to the Goodpaster Prospect and Pogo Gold Mine (Figure 6). Drilling is the immediate priority for the Company on the Aurora Prospect.